The story of The Bible League
A Dream Come True
It began with a sick man and simple prayer

In 1936 William Chapman, a Chicago area businessman, was near death. He lay seriously ill a small hospital room, where an elder from his church came to visit him. The elder share a few words of comfort with Mr. Chapman, and then bowed his head in prayer. He asked that God not only spare Chapman form death, but give him also a new kind of life, a life dedicated to powerful service in God?s Kingdom.

William Chapman was surprised by the prayer. He believe in God, certainly, and considered himself a religious man, but he never thought himself as a valuable of God?s Kingdom. He saw no reason for God to return him to health only in answer to such a ridiculous prayer.
But throughout the night in that hospital room, the elder word?s never left him. And gradually William made that prayer his own.He dedicate his life to whatever work God would call him to do.

Struck with an Idea.William Chapman recovered, slowly. During his period of recuperation he was vacation in the South, when in a hotel room in Mississippi he saw Gideon Bible placed in hotel room. He was suddenly struck with idea Why Every home in America should have the same privilege. William Chapman came to believe this was the specific service God had in mind for him. This idea was the seed that eventually grew in to the ministry now know as The Bible League.

The mission begins. From Walkerton, Indiana,to Blue Island. Illinois, and throughout the Chicagoland area, the Chapman made their mission know. They eagerly searched out Bible-less home and prayerfully offered the Word of God. The story of their unique spread, and scope expanded.
The Chapman soon realize they would need help.To meet the demands for scriptures that we beginning to come in from all over the country, they could not work alone.
Theological committed to the idea that God has established His Church as an evangelistict organization, Chapman called on local congregations to reach the unreached around them. From the earliest stages of their ministry, the Chapman depended oh local church and organizations to identify need within their own communities and the to organize the actual placement of the Bible. The Chapman limited themselves to the role of supplier.
As now of their work continued to spread, and request continued to increase, and donation and resources became more and more organized, this humble door-to-door ministry soon develop in to American Home Bible League, from there into World Home Bible League, and eventually into The Bible League, as it is know today.

The mission continues. The Bible League?s ministry continues to grow. Today more than 80 country have received Bible, New Testaments, Scripture Portions, and basic Bible study materials from this placement agency based in South Holland, Illinois, which produces many of it own materials and work with other publisher to buy and place millions of others. Bible League office have also been established and staffed in more than 40 country, including Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Cambodia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Kazakstan, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Mozambique, Myanmar, the Natherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe.
The Bible League still strives to make God?s Word available to all people and still depends on local church throughout the world to efficiently do that and provide nurture and follow-up.

Evangelism plus Discipleship. The Bible League is guided by two basic tents in its efforts to introduce people to Jesus Christ: First. That the print Word of God is the most effective evangelistic tool available, and Second, that is tool most effective when it place carefully and prayerfully by those who know the needs, can meet those needs personally, and can follow-up on them consistently-namely, local churches. The Bible League is not a missionary-sending agency; we train nation Christians and churches to combine evangelism with plan for discipleship that will lead to church membership and spiritual growth.

Planting new Churches. Over the years The Bible League has also seen that strategic Scriptures placement is a natural lead-in to effective church planting. Today in more than 30 country we provide not only scriptures, but also church planter training for National Christians who want to bring the Gospel to unreached areas. Since 1987 we have trained and equipped local Christian who have established nearly 25,000 churches in formerly unreached areas of the world. Every year, on everage, more than 2,500 new churches are started using Bible League materials and training.

A worldwide family. Today the ministry of the Bible League is shared by people around the world ? children and adults, rich and poor, long-time believers and brand-new Christians-who regularly donate time and money so that God?s Wedord can continue to bring people into fellowship with Christ and his church. Today more than 60 year later, William Chapman?s dream is still coming true.

The Bible League in Thailand
The ministry in Thailand has been operated more than 25 years now. It was started by a Singaporean missionary bringing in the ? Project Philip? in 1984 with the cooperate with Rev.Boonmark Peeramoon, the partor of Thai Lanna Church. Rev.Boonmark invite the church leader in Northern of Thailand join the introductory seminar to launch out ?Project Philip? but it not so successful in the beginning. Lather on, the mission turn to Singapore and left the ministry for Rev.Boonmark to carry on, until Rev.Lusiano Gegarika from Philippines came to be the Director of The Bible League Thailand and the ministry has been progressing since then. In the year 1994, Rev. Lusiano went to study further in USA and appointed Mr.Chuchart Yakasem to be National Director until now.
At the present The Bible League Thailand registered to be Foundation in December 20, 2005. However we still join with local church to support God command to Evangelism and bring Thai people come to believe in Jesus name.