Policy and Procedure

The Bible League presently has its ministry in more than 90 countries and all of them work under one policy.

1. Support. The Bible league supports the work of evangelism through Scripture placement, tract and other printed material distribution, particularly the unreached areas. Local churches can participate in the ministry of The Bible League by purchasing the above materials with a subsidies price.

2. Encouragement. The Bible League encourages individuals, families, and small groups to read the Word of God.

3. Cooperation. The Bible League cooperates with local churches and Christian organizations, which have a burden in the work of evangelism through training for Project Philip and Church Planting Training in order to increase the number of church members and extend the Kingdom of God. We believe that God has called us to prepare His Word and continue to train Christian people to do the work of evangelism. Therefore, the individuals, who have been prepared by the Holy Spirit, will bring others to follow Jesus Christ and become members of Christ’s Church.