Opportunity to Teach English in Thailand

Opportunity to Teach English in Thailand

Christian Missionary Teaching Opportunities in Thailand to Teach English with The Bible League Thailand Foundation

In November 2020, The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) started the Bible Literacy program, which is called Bible-based Literacy (BBL). BBL is an English teaching program that uses Bible. Bible League provides free trainings and free BBL curriculum through Bible League International (BLI) to all the BBL teachers to teach English in their ministry places. This is such a wonderful ministry opportunity for Christian missionaries to get BBL Teacher Training (BBLTT) to teach BBL (English) in Thailand as well as other parts of Asia. Read on to learn more BBL Teacher Training with The Bible League Thailand foundation. 

The Bible League Thailand BBL Ministry, Teach English in Thailand
First BBL teacher training conducted at The Bible League Thailand foundation, October 2020.

BBL Teacher Training (BBLTT) Workshop Open Invitation

Bible-based Literacy Thailand uses two ways of conducting BBL Teacher Training.
We conduct BBLTT in a physical classroom setting and Online training, considering the situation of trainees and trainer. Due to Covid-19 restriction, Thailand BBL team conduct BBLTT online.

Bible-based literacy, teach english in thailand
BBL Teacher Training #4 Conducted online on August 07, 2021.

The Teacher Training Workshop is fully sponsored by The Bible League Thailand (TBLT). TBLT will prepare and send you all the required materials before the training.
Those who attend the training/workshop will be certified and recognized by TBLT to receive BBL teacher materials and continuous follow-ups and support from the TBLT and Thailand BBL coordination team with free distribution of English Bible (ERV) and BBL student’s learning materials (Firm Foundation) to the places of your ministries to progress and continue with BBL ministry.

TBLT through its BBL program would like to invite you all, especially, interested individuals in Thailand and in other parts of Asia Pacific region to participate in this new ministry opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unbelievers and unreached people groups through this Bible Literacy program.

TBLT highly recommends and invites Pastors, Christian Teachers, Christian Missionaries, intending missionaries and High School and College Students and Seminarians, both of Thai and of foreign nationals to get the BBL teacher training and to make use of this ministry tools in their ministries.

Many People are Searching for Opportunity to Learn English

There are many people, both young and old, here in Thailand and in other Asian Pacific countries who are in need of learning English. They are looking out for opportunities to learn to read and write, and to speak in English. This provides us with great opportunity and a open door for us (Christians) to teach them English based on Bible for free using free teaching resources and materials readily made available by Bible League.

Bible-based literacy Thailand, teaching english in Thailand
During Covid-19 lockdown, our BBL teacher Pastor Rujee conducted BBL classes in her home, where 19+ students signed up to learn English.

Bible League Trains and Equips English Teachers with Tools and Resources

BBL Teacher Training will equip you to teach English, reading and writing skills to these needy people basing on the Bible.
If you are interested, comment below or kindly send us a quick email on thebibleleaguethailand@gmail.com or make a direct call to TBLT office on numbers at the end of this post, so that we can plan for your training online.

You don’t need to be a perfect English speaker to get the training. To qualify for the BBL Teacher Training, You are required to show basic understanding of English and are able to read and write in English.

We are ready to train you to become a BBL teacher in your church and ministry places, so that together we can partner in spreading God’s love and His Word to everyone within our reach.

Bible-based Literacy Thailand, teach english in Thailand
Paul and Nancy (Missionary couple) are teaching BBL to stuff, Bible Students, and children at Berea Bible School.

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God bless you!

Paul Mondo
Bible-Based Literacy Thailand Coordinator


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