Bible-Based Literacy Thailand – The Bible League Thailand Literacy Ministry Program.

Bible-Based Literacy Thailand – The Bible League Thailand Literacy Ministry Program.

The Bible League Thailand (TBLT)

The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) is part of Bible League International (BLI) in the Asia Pacific regions. The Bible League focuses on distributing Bibles (ERV) to local unreached people group by partnering with the local Churches, Christian Ministries and Christian Organizations through Philip Project, Bible-based Literacy and Church Planters Training and Translation ministry programs.

In Thailand, currently, TBLT is running Project Philip and Bible-based Literacy and Church Planting programs. TBLT uses PP program to train local believers, especially those who are called to become the Witnesses of Jesus Christ by sharing His Good News to their families, neighbors, and their local areas.

TBLT do follow-ups on each Philip and distribute Bibles along with Bible study booklets to new converts and facilitate new church planting programs where there are more than 15 new believers.

BBLT Volunteer Teacher in Thailand

Bible-based Literacy Thailand (BBLT) is a English Literacy ministry program of The Bible League Thailand. BBLT commenced its ministry since October, 2020. BBLT aims to train more volunteer Bible-based Literacy (BBL) teachers to expand this new ministry program to different parts of Thailand.

Since the commencement of BBL, TBTL has trained 23 Volunteer BBL teachers. These Volunteers have started BBL classes and current enrollment stands at total over 50 BBL students.

TBLT is extending invitation and welcoming individual Christian, churches, schools and mission organization who are willing and interested to use Bible-Based Literacy teaching materials (Firm Foundation) in their organization.

Interested individual or organisation can make appointment with the BBLT Coordinator at The Bible League Thailand office and get the training on how to use BBL materials (Firm Foundation Readers and Workbook) and to learn the skills of teaching Firm Foundation booklets.

At the appointment, the BBL Teacher Trainer will set up suitable date and time. The BBL teacher training can be either one-to-one or one-to a group of trainees. The BBL teacher training usually takes one full day and a half.

BBL Teacher Training Workshop

Bible-based Literacy Thailand uses two ways of conducting BBL Teacher Training. We conduct BBLTT in a physical settings and Online training, considering the situation of trainees and trainer.
The Teacher Training Workshop is fully sponsored by TBLT and Bible League Thailand.

Those who attend the training/workshop will receive BBL teacher materials and continuous follow-ups and support from the TBLT BBL coordination team with free English Bible (ERV) and BBL student’s learning materials (Firm Foundation) to progress with BBL ministry.

TBLT through its BBL program would like to invite all interested individuals in Chiang Mai Province and other regions of Thailand to participate in this new ministry opportunity to share Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unbelievers through teaching English program.

TBLT highly recommends and invites Pastors, Christian Teachers, Christian Missionaries and High School and College Students and Seminarians, both Thai and foreign nationals to get the BBL teacher training.

There are very many people, both young and old, here in Thailand and in other Asian countries who need to learn English.
BBL equips you to teach English, reading and writing skills to these needy people basing on the Bible.

If you are interested, comment below or kindly send us a quick email on or make a direct call to TBLT office on number on this page.

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God bless you all.

Paul Mondo (BBL Thailand Coordinator)
The Bible League Thailand Foundation
81 Sukhasem Road, Pa Tan,
Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand.
Tel. 053-409-626, 081-296-4662
Fax. 053-409-627.